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The Botanic Gardens Podcast Tour : Red

The Botanic Gardens Podcast Tour : Red What links the alphabet with Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens and an ingenious Cherokee chief? Find out on this audio guided tour of the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin — the ‘alphabet tree’ is just one of the many fascinating stories  featured on our Red tour of the historic gardens. Other […]

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The Botanic Gardens Podcast Tour : Yellow

The Botanic Gardens Ingenious Ireland Podcast tour: Yellow Do you want to know who lives in one of the fanciest houses in Glasnevin? And hear how early botanical gardens were the pharmacy shops of their day? Come on this audio guided tour and we will bring on a fascinating walk around Ireland’s National Botanic Gardens in […]

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A walk in the tropics of Glasnevin: Podcast Tour 2

Want to know what links Ludwig Wittgenstein and the celery-topped pine tree? Then come with us on our podcast tour of the wonderful glasshouses in the Irish Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin, Dublin.  You’ll hear stories about weird plants, the engineering of a glasshouse, exotic orchids, and some of the science and scientists associated with the […]

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A song, a walk and a good equation: podcast tour 1

Do you enjoy a song, a walk and a good algebra equation? Then you’ll enjoy our podcast walking tour.  It features a lovely stroll by Dublin’s Royal Canal, tracing the steps of Ireland’s greatest scientist Sir William Rowan Hamilton, on the day he invented a new type of algebra.  Click to download the podcast here. […]

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