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Download over WIFI

Our tours are packed with music and stories, so the files can be very big!   We recommend you download the audio over WiFi, to avoid data roaming charges.

How to buy a tour

It’s easy to buy our tours, though you will need a credit card or PayPal account, and it only takes a minute.   Simply choose the tour you want, and click on the “Add to Cart” button.  You can see your “shopping cart” on the right-hand side of the webpage.  When you’re ready, click on “Go to check out”, and you will be taken to the payment page, where you can pay with a credit card or PayPal account.

Why do we ask for a shipping address even for a download? Sorry if it is confusing, but some of our items are sent by post and so our checkout form asks for a shipping address, as we can’t have a separate form for those. Simply enter your address as the shipping address, confirm that the billing address is the same, and you’re set.

Want to pay by credit card and/or don’t have a PayPal account?  Just click on the ” Don’t Have a PayPal Account” link, to pay by credit card.

We recommend you download the tour when you buy itor as soon as you can — you can then take the tour whenever you want. To give you time to download the tour to your own computer, each download link (see below) is valid for three days and for a limited number of download attempts.   Note, your download link will expire after the three days. Simply click on the link in the confirmation e-mail, to begin downloading your tour.

How to download a tour

Many of our audio tours are now available as a single MP3 file that you can download like a podcast direct to your phone or other device.  Each tour is also available as a zipped folder of MP3 tracks, like an album; these must be downloaded to a PC or similar (not to a phone) and extracted, then copied to your phone or MP3 player.

Free tours: just click on the download link in the tour page.

Premium tours: when you buy a premium tour, we send you the download link in a confirmation e-mail (it usually arrives within minutes).  Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly on the order form.  If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail, check your spam box for it.  Still don’t see it?  Contact us on feedback@ingeniousireland.ie.

Each MP3 album (free and premium) is compressed into a ‘zipped folder’, to make it easier and faster to download.  The folder includes all the audio tracks, any maps, notes and user guides (PDFs).  Save the zipped tour where it will be easy to find on your computer – perhaps in a folder for podcasts, or with your music?  Note: mobile phones cannot yet handle zipped folders, so you need to download the folder to a PC or laptop first, then copy the tracks across to your player.

How to open a zipped folder

Usually, when you click to open the zipped folder, your computer will ask if you want to extract all the files –just say Yes!  How to unzip a folder.  Then, copy the unzipped audio files to your MP3 player or phone, and you’re ready to explore!

How to unzip a folder

A Zip folder is simply a way to send large files more quickly and conveniently. The zipped version often looks like this:

With most modern computers, you just click on the zip folder and it will automatically ‘unzip’. Choose or create a folder where you want to store the unzipped files.

In some systems, you need to right-click on the zip folder, and then click on “extract all”.

How to use an audio tour

  1. Print the info leaflet, so that you have a printout of any maps and notes. But don’t worry if you forgot to print it – you can still follow the tour without it. How to print a PDF file.
  2. Copy the unzipped files to your player or phone.
  3. Then press play, and start exploring!

You may find it useful to listen to some of the tour before you arrive, so that you are familiar with the content and terrain.

What if your computer does not have the necessary unzip software?

There are a number of free tools that you can download and install to do this for you. Popular versions include:

NOTE: You are responsible for any software you download and install on your computer, and Ingenious Ireland/Ingenious Guides Limited assumes no responsibility for any error or problem that may arise