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What inventions should be in our new tour?

Ingenious Irish invention milk chocolate

Our ingenious inventions tour will hopefully feature chocolate!

From the stethoscope and the hypodermic syringe to Sudocrem… there are lots of ingenious inventions associated with Dublin and Ireland.  There are also some tasty ones — like milk chocolate and flavoured crisps — and rather a lot of boozy ones too (think: whiskey,  Bailey’s Irish cream, Irish coffee and draught Guinness in a can).

At least some of these will feature in our new walking tour of ingenious inventions,  and we hope to have samples of some of these for you as well.

But what other ingenious Irish inventions should we feature?  We’d love to hear your ideas.  And there is a wee prize for any we haven’t thought of yet.  Just add a comment below with your idea, or pop over to our Facebook page and tell us there.

(It’s going to be quite a tour: the long list currently includes such ingenuity as Joly’s colour photography and radiation therapy; the humane hangman’s drop; Hamilton’s quaternions and board game; the word ‘Quiz’ (although its origins are disputed!), the ISBN, and even perforated stamps.  We hope to feature the wonderful Sugru too)




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