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Wanted: maths jokes & riddles

Thinking caps on please! We’re looking for your favourite maths jokes and riddles.

Penrose tiling in the Science Gallery, Dublin

Our next project is Dublin by Numbers, a maths walking trail for families and school groups, packed with games and puzzles and things to do along the way. We want to include short mathematical riddles and puzzles as well — and we’d love to get your suggestions.

For example, we are thinking of using:

Q. What’s red and invisible? A. No tomatoes! ( Which we like, because  it’s like zero, and children can easily make up their own version of the joke.)

Q. Why is a dog with a lame leg like adding 6 and 7s?

A. He puts down the three and carries the one.

And the question, Why are manhole covers circular?

So, if you’ve got a favourite, suitable for a family audience, we’d love to hear it.  You can add it as a comment here, or (if it’s very short) tweet it to #mathsjokes

The Dublin by Numbers trail will be a free download, available here from October 15, and launching as part of Maths Week 2011 and Innovation Dublin Festival.


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