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Dublin Elephants & Earthquakes – Activity Trail


This 4-page trail is  for young explorers, with an activity at each stop along the tour.  Suitable for ages 9+, it means younger people can accompany adults taking the audio tour. Download the PDF trail, pack some pencils, and start exploring!

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Highlights of our MP3 walking tour

Take the tour on a weekday, and you can visit some hidden treasures, including a gem of a geology museum in an attic, and the steam turbine that made the 20th century possible.  Other amazing stories you’ll hear are how Dublin city dissected an elephant in 1681, and how the modern science of studying earthquakes began on Killiney beach in the 1840s with Robert Mallet.

Listen to Extract: the man who split the atom


What’s in the tour

The MP3 tour starts in Ireland’s most ingenious quarter, at Trinity College Dublin, and ends at Earlsfort Terrace.  Allow a good 90-minutes for the tour. There are 12 stops along the way. Click to download the free PDF colour map, track list and images, especially if you are buying the smartphone edition (the MP3 album includes the PDF).

Made with a grant from Dublin City of Science 2012.


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