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The Ballad of William Rowan Hamilton

© Jack Gannon

This is the theme song for our podcast tour, sung by the composer, local Broombridge man Jack Gannon.

Above the snow line at Dunsink he made his observations

And then one day on Broombridge stone he carved a great sensation.


Hi! Ho! Hamilton Rowan, he saved the Irish nation.

No twos or threes, it had to be quaternion equations.


Many were the grateful ones, they thought it was a pity

That oonsigh, eejits and the rest, were foremost in the city.


i-squared equals j-squared equals k-squared equals ijk.

This all equals -1, Rowan Hamilton was heard to say.


So praise the gallant scientists who favour rhyme and reason.

At Broombridge you can see it there, it always is in season.