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Up with (Ingenious) women!

Is there something in the air?  Because suddenly — and happily — lots of people are interested in Ireland’s historic women scientists. There is a film in the making about two women from the mid-1800s: science writer Mary Ward, and early photographer Mary, Countess of Rosse.  Ingenious Ireland has been helping SnugBoro Films with the […]

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A hidden treasure for Science Week!

Do you like a good story? Interested in geeky history and science?  Then you’ll love the wonderful museum in St Patrick’s College, Maynooth. Well worth a visit, it is in our online Atlas of Ingenious Ireland.  And for more great stories like this, check out our new ebook about Dublin’s scientific heritage, Ingenious Dublin (the […]

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Dublin’s weird ‘witch’ bottle

This is a fascinating bottle with a weird story.  We learned about it on a tour of historic Aungier St with Dublin City’s architects, archaeologists and conservation officers. It’s a pottery bottle, from about 1600, intact and sealed.  But x-rays reveal that there is a lot of “stuff” in it, including old nails.  This leads […]

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The Botanic Gardens Podcast Tour : Red

The Botanic Gardens Podcast Tour : Red What links the alphabet with Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens and an ingenious Cherokee chief? Find out on this audio guided tour of the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin — the ‘alphabet tree’ is just one of the many fascinating stories  featured on our Red tour of the historic gardens. Other […]

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The Botanic Gardens Podcast Tour : Yellow

The Botanic Gardens Ingenious Ireland Podcast tour: Yellow Do you want to know who lives in one of the fanciest houses in Glasnevin? And hear how early botanical gardens were the pharmacy shops of their day? Come on this audio guided tour and we will bring on a fascinating walk around Ireland’s National Botanic Gardens in […]

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New digital walking tours of Ingenious Dublin

Press release Tuesday October 16th 2102: on Hamilton Day, the day quaternions were invented in Dublin in 1843 As hundreds of geeks gather in Dublin for the WebSummit… two new city walking tours are launched to celebrate Ireland’s many great inventions and scientific discoveries. Did you know. . . that Dublin algebra helped to land […]

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How statistics helped to make Guinness good!

An important statistical technique was invented at Guinness’s Dublin brewery, as part of quality control in 1908.  By helping to improve the product, it helped to make Guinness an international brand.  An extract from our new book, Ingenious Dublin, for Arthur’s Day 2012. If you wanted to know the average height of the Irish population […]

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New book celebrates Dublin inventions, discoveries and hidden stories

  Think you know Dublin? Press release: August 27th 2012 Where in Dublin can you peer inside a Victorian diving bell? Or see the skeleton of Tommy, the prince’s elephant? Where was the world’s first earthquake experiment done? Did you know the hypodermic syringe was invented in the former Meath Hospital? And that Dublin algebra […]

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A walk in the tropics of Glasnevin: Podcast Tour 2

Want to know what links Ludwig Wittgenstein and the celery-topped pine tree? Then come with us on our podcast tour of the wonderful glasshouses in the Irish Botanic Gardens at Glasnevin, Dublin.  You’ll hear stories about weird plants, the engineering of a glasshouse, exotic orchids, and some of the science and scientists associated with the […]

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A song, a walk and a good equation: podcast tour 1

William Rowan Hamilton quaternion walk

Do you enjoy a song, a walk and a good algebra equation? Then you’ll enjoy our podcast walking tour.  It features a lovely stroll by Dublin’s Royal Canal, tracing the steps of Ireland’s greatest scientist Sir William Rowan Hamilton, on the day he invented a new type of algebra.  Click to download the podcast here. […]

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